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ROCHELLE JOHNSON is an author and graphic designer who completed a year-long driving expedition from Durham, North Carolina, to Buenos Aires, Argentina in a 1988 Toyota 4Runner. During this journey, Johnson, her husband, and their dog explored 12 countries by land, camped in nearly 100 locations, and traversed over 30,000 miles.

During her preparations for the journey, Johnson soon realized that comprehensive information regarding an overland exploration of the Americas was lacking. As a result, she launched Ramble Writer.

Johnson’s frequent contact with explorers adventuring the Americas and aspiring travelers through Ramble Writer, in addition to detailed documentation of the journey, provided her ample information to write The Essential Guide to Driving North, Central, and South America, a well-rounded, concise, and knowledgeable guide for roadtrippers exploring the Americas by vehicle.

Since the completion of the expedition in February 2010, Johnson has returned to Durham, North Carolina to continue work with Row Design Studios, a graphic art, web design and marketing company that she began in 2004.

Johnson has ventured through 27 countries, which include areas of western Europe, Japan, India, the Caribbean, and, of course, a great portion of North, Central, and South America. She continues to write about her travels for a variety of media and is already scheming her next great adventure.

For more information about Row Design Studios, visit RowDesignStudios.com.

nickNICK HAWTHORNE-JOHNSON was born and raised in Durham, NC, and returned to Durham in 2001. He has since created Bull City Restoration, restoring beautiful historic houses in central Durham and renting these properties to local residents. While Nick was away from his hometown, he lived in Ahmednagar, India, Brisbane, Australia, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and in the waters of the Caribbean by boat. His travels encompass Southeast Asia, Western Europe, Japan, Peru, Mexico, Cuba, and the Bahamas.

Nick is Ramble Writer's Logistics Coordinator - his expertise lies in making the impossible happen, ignoring naysayers, and making creative snap judgements. He is a contributing author to Ramble Writer and is our Forum administrator.

Since the ramblers' completion of their driving expedition across the Americas, Nick has opened an acupuncture practice in Durham, North Carolina, and is restoring the Johnson's historic home, which was built in 1900.

For more information about Bull City Restoration, visit BullCityRestoration.com.

dominoDOMINO is a pit bull / blue healer mix who happily joined the Johnson family in 2008 when he was two years old. Due to Domino's sweet temperment, employees at the Animal Protection Society of Durham held him for three months, a remarkable feat for a shelter that has no choice but to put down thousands of animals per year.

Domino is probably the most well-traveled dog that you will ever meet. He completed the North Carolina to Argentina expedition without any quarantine periods or health problems, and even did well on a four-day sailing journey from Panama to Colombia.

He is currently living a life filled with rawhide bones, long walks and naps in Durham, although he still gets excited at any opportunity to hop in the car and go for a drive.


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