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Pirate Camping: Valparaiso, Chile

By Nick H-J

Valparaiso is an awesome city, with beautiful murals and great beaches nearby.  However, it’s not the easiest place to pirate camp and it’s not cheap to stay anywhere.
We wondered into this little gem of a pirate camping site entirely by accident.  It has showers, bathroom facilities, beach volleyball and great beach side sunsets [...]

Concocting the Perfect Pisco Sour

The refreshingly tangy Pisco Sour, one of Peru’s favorite cocktails, is not to be missed during your rambles.  While you should sample as many different pisco sours as you can (they vary according to the bartender), here is the recipe of this foamy drink to enjoy at home:
2 parts Pisco
1.5 parts fresh lime juice
1 part [...]

Rambling Peru: The Video

Watch our journey through the vast Peruvian deserts along the Pan-American Highway:

Independence Week in Cartagena, Colombia: The Video

You have read about Independence Week in Cartagena, Colombia, now watch the video!

Improve Your Spanish :: Cartagena, Colombia

By Nick H-J
When you ship to Cartagena, you may decided to stick around for a while, and I recommend you do.  We ended up staying nearly five weeks.  Arriving in South America was sort of a milestone for me and I realized that if I was going to become proficient (or better, fluent), in [...]

Pirate Camping :: Cartagena, Colombia

By Nick H-J
Notwithstanding all the other complications, timing of arrival in Cartagena is tricky since you will be traveling separately from your vehicle.  Assuming you can get yourself and your vehicle there at roughly the same time, there is still the process of retrieving it from the port and getting it through customs.  This basically [...]

A Custom-made Wedding Dress :: Cartagena, Colombia

Our wedding bells may not be ringing until next year, but my chance to have an affordable wedding dress designed was slowly waning.  Since our stay in Cartagena has lasted over a month now, I contacted a few tailors for information regarding custom-made wedding dresses.  Fortunately, I found Maria Luisa Valencia, the director of [...]

A Gift for Mama Nira :: Cartagena, Colombia

Everyday at 2:00 p.m., Nira assembles her juice stand in la Plaza de la Trinidad, located less than a block from our hostel, Casa Valda.  “La Misericordia de Dios” (The Mercy of God), is painted in faded reds and blues across her four-wheeled wooden cart, and the counter is neatly assembled with oranges, passionfruit, [...]

A Mugging in Cartagena

We unfortunately received a call tonight that Greg and Kerri, our friends who sailed us to Colombia (and who are also our current hostel roommates), were mugged tonight at a portion of la muralla, the wall that lines portions of Cartagena.  While sitting in one of the inset windows, two men approached them and demanded [...]

Overland Expo 2010

The Overland Expo, an educational and social event for explorers who travel the world by 4 wheel drive vehicles and motorcycles, will take place April 16-18th, 2010 in Amado, Santa Cruz County, Arizona.  According to the expo’s website, the event will offer:

35 different classes & seminars

65+ exhibitors

1000s of overlanders from around the world

Food & music [...]