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Mexico and Central America: Outtakes and Deleted Scenes

After our long drive through Mexico and Central America, we had a lot of footage that just couldn’t be missed.  Check out the video below to see clips from our trip.
Quick Facts about our ramblings in Mexico and South America:

Rambling Began in Mexico: June 12th, 2009

Departure from Central America in Panama: October 4th, [...]

Driving through Central and South America is More than Driving: Shipping your vehicle from Panama to Colombia PART 1

If you are interested in learning more about shipping & retrieving your vehicle from Panama to Colombia, a step-by-step guide is available in the Ramble Writer guidebook, The Essential Guide to Driving the Americas.

Visit the GUIDEBOOKS page for more information.

Pirate Camping :: Panama City, Panama

By Nick H-J

Cities are usually not the easiest places to find good pirate camping locations.  If you are planning to ship your vehicle to Colombia you will need to be in Panama City for a couple of days at least.  We found an excellent pirate camping site near the water and out of the way.  [...]

Temporary Break in Our Ramblings

Hi Ramble Readers,
From October 3rd to October 9th or 10th, Nick, Domino, and I will be sailing from Shelter Bay in Panama (near the port city of Colon), to Cartagena, Colombia.  Our truck is being shipped to Cartagena from Cristobal, a port in Colon, in a container without us.  We were fortunate to meet Kerri [...]

Buena Vista Surf Club :: Playa Maderas, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Over four years ago, Marielle Mulder and Marc Krop, a couple from Holland, embarked on an ambitious plan to open Buena Vista Surf Club, a eco-lodge nestled in the tropical forests of Playa Maderas.  Their initial trip, to travel through Central and South America in search of a coastal location in which to sink their [...]

Anti-Malaria Drug Options

by Nick H-J
Traveling in Central and South America can put you at risk for contracting malaria. Places where malaria is endemic change with seasons, population and other factors. In general, high altitude areas are safer, and lower altitude, rural places with tropical climates and lots of mosquitoes are higher risk. Buying anti-malarial drugs in the [...]

Off-Road Cuisine Episode 3 :: The Perfect Margarita

Looking for that perfect margarita recipe?  Watch this episode of Off-Road Cuisine to make Nick’s perfect margarita!

Our Guatemala Route

You read about the route, now see it for yourself in the 5 minute video below.  If you are interested in seeing our Guatemala pictures, go to www.flickr.com/photos/ramblewriter.

Coup in Honduras? :: Maybe Not

By Nick H-J

Headlines around the world declare there has been a military coup in Honduras. Until yesterday, I was in Honduras, and I am not convinced that a coup has taken place. I am not an expert on Honduran politics, nor am I well versed in Honduran constitutional law. I am, however, a [...]

Finca los Nietos :: San Lorenzo El Cubo, Guatemala

If you are looking to venture out of Antigua for the day, Finca los Nietos, a coffee farm located just 4 miles outside of the city.  Stretching over only 1.5 acres, Finca los Nietos produces 800 pounds of organic coffee a year, all of which is sold to local cafes and restaurants.
The land resembles more [...]