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Finca Esperanza Verde Eco-lodge :: outside of San Ramón, Nicaragua

After a long day of driving, we arrived at Finca Esperanza Verde after the sun set.  The dirt road leading to the farm from San Ramón was rocky and slow moving, so our arrival was quickly followed by a good night’s sleep.  Due to our visit during the rainy season, water mightily pounded overhead all [...]

Coup in Honduras? :: Maybe Not

By Nick H-J

Headlines around the world declare there has been a military coup in Honduras. Until yesterday, I was in Honduras, and I am not convinced that a coup has taken place. I am not an expert on Honduran politics, nor am I well versed in Honduran constitutional law. I am, however, a [...]

How to Survive Mexican Fireworks Displays :: Teotitlan, Mexico

By: Nick H-J
Last night I had the chance to attend a display of fireworks in the small village of Teotilan in Oaxaca.  It was an event that will remain with me for the rest of my life.  If you are not clear on the fundamental underlying differences between U.S. and Mexican culture (with regard to [...]

Guest Blogger: Norma Hawthorne Writes about Oaxacan Culture

Norma Hawthorne is a mover and a shaker at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, an accomplished artist, and coordinator of numerous cultural workshops based in Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca, Mexico (she also happens to be Nick’s stepmother, by the way).  Since Norma has published numerous articles about Oaxacan culture, weaving, and cuisine, [...]

Pirate Camping :: The $10 Five-Star Experience

By: Nick H-J
Rochelle and I recently camped in the parking lot of a swanky hotel outside Phoenix.  We parked in the side lot just at dusk and went for a walk around the neighborhood. After our walk we bedded down and slept until dawn.  After a bit of breakfast we headed towards the pool for [...]

El Cosmico :: Marfa, Texas

At first glance, Marfa is just a small town similar to the other small towns off of Interstate 90.  But Marfa has a creative spark that I believe will soon be burning bright.  While Hollywood took Marfa by storm in the 1950’s with the filming of “Giant”, it was Donald Judd that put Marfa on [...]

Austin, Texas :: Live Music Capital of the World

Here is a bit more information about the places featured in the video:
The Shake ‘Em Ups
Although the Shake ‘Em Ups is now disbanded, you can still hear their music at www.myspace.com/shakeemups.  Vaughn Walters, Sly Barrack, and Andrew Austin-Petersen were kind enough to play for us.  We took a box of their CDs along with us [...]

My New Love :: NOLA

By Nick H-J
This post is a bit late… I attribute this to the fact that it has taken some soul searching for me to be able to admit the following statement.  Those of you who know how fervently I love Durham will be shocked to hear this, but there is a new love in my [...]

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania :: City of Murals

As we drove into Philadelphia, I wasn’t very impressed.  It was dreary outside, dilapidated houses and warehouses could be seen on each side of the road, and run-down commercial strips welcomed us into the city.  My first impression mirrored what most people told be about Philly.  Friends and acquaintances who described Philadelphia liberally used words [...]

Discoveries in Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville is a wonderful city.  It is laid back, is full of great restaurants, has a creative flair, and offers picturesque mountain views.  I enjoy simply walking around downtown Asheville, and over the past week Nick and I have visited quite a few restaurants and shops. Below is a quick list of every place – [...]