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Discoveries in Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville is a wonderful city.  It is laid back, is full of great restaurants, has a creative flair, and offers picturesque mountain views.  I enjoy simply walking around downtown Asheville, and over the past week Nick and I have visited quite a few restaurants and shops. Below is a quick list of every place – [...]

Eats and Drinks :: Asheville, North Carolina

By: Nick
As you may have noticed, I am not often inspired by something enough to write about it.  Today was one of those occasions that inspired me.  I was out walking around downtown Asheville with my good friend Matt Shepard.  He suggested a turn down a side street and led me into a door on [...]

Rambling in D.C. — Barack Obama’s Inauguration

We couldn’t help ourselves.  It is only two weeks before we leave town (departure date is February 1st), and there are a ton of preparations to do, but we had to welcome Obama into his presidency… in person.  So Nick and I are in D.C., prepared to join the crowd of over 3 million people [...]