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The Ramblers Elope: Las Vegas, Nevada

Although we arrived in the U.S. on February 23rd, Nick and I had a bit more rambling on our itineraries: we eloped in Las Vegas.
Neither of us had been to Vegas, or even had the desire to go, until a few friends raved about Sin City over the past year.  With our arrival back to [...]

Our Flight Home: Flying a Dog on International Flights

Although I was excited to fly home from Buenos Aires to North Carolina, I was extremely nervous for Domino.  Since Domino is a pitbull mix that is 55 pounds, he was required to travel underneath the plane as cargo with the cabin’s luggage.  We bought a crate that followed the airlines’ regulations, acquired [...]

Border Crossing :: San Diego, California to Tijuana, Mexico

“A donde van (Where are you going)?” the border guard asked.
“Baja,” we reply in unison.
“Y lo que más aparte del perro (And what else besides the dog)?”  He nodded toward Domino.
“Si… que?”  I say.  My Spanish was embarrassingly rusty.  “Did he ask about Domino?”  I said to Nick.  “Oh, you mean what else do we [...]

Rambling in the U.S. :: Rare Footage of Foolish Ramblers

We are leaving the U.S. with a jewel of a video to remember us by…
Baja, here we come!

The Food Monster writes about the Atwater Farmer’s Market :: Los Angeles, California

T H E   F O O D   M O N S T E R   B L O G
Since we are visited Los Angeles and the food monster has quite some experience eating through the food establishments of this fine city, I thought a post from the Food Monster would be appropriate.  Enjoy!
. . . . [...]

Bakesale Betty :: Oakland, California

Since the Bay area brings such a diverse group of people into one location, the options of food and drink are endless.  Our stay in Oakland brought us the opportunity to “taste test” a multitude of cocktails, beers, sandwiches, appetizers, and entrees.  Our host, William, who is a sound engineer for Lucusfilm Ltd., is well-versed [...]

Trader Vic’s :: Emeryville, California

It’s not everyday that I drive to a bar with my friends and a valet takes the car at the front door.  In fact, I never do that. Trader Vic’s is a bar for a new drinking experience, transporting bar-goers wearied from Red Bull cocktails and Appletinis to a tropical bungalow that dates back to [...]

Bend, Oregon :: Shooting and Rafting Fun – A Perfect Day

After we had breakfast with our new Aussie friends while camping in Bend, Oregon, Lucus brought out his rifle and we all got to have a go at shooting skeet.  Then we got out Nick’s pistol and shot skeet that were just resting on a tree trunk.  Since we were in a National Forest with [...]

Ramblers Interviewed: Lucus & Louise from Australia

While we were fueling up at a random gas station in Oregon, Nick overheard Louise speaking to the station attendant.  “So what part of Queensland are you from?” he asked with a grin.  Surprised, she looked at him and asked how he knew she was an Aussie.
Nick lived in Australia for a couple years, and, [...]

Goldbug Springs, Idaho

Right outside of Salmon, Idaho, is a trail that leads to a beautiful group of hot springs called Goldbug Springs.  The area, which had a raging river due to the season’s snow melt, rests on top of a field of grassy rolling hills and rocky slopes.  We arrived early in the morning to start our [...]