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Pirate Camping :: The $10 Five-Star Experience

By: Nick H-J
Rochelle and I recently camped in the parking lot of a swanky hotel outside Phoenix.  We parked in the side lot just at dusk and went for a walk around the neighborhood. After our walk we bedded down and slept until dawn.  After a bit of breakfast we headed towards the pool for [...]

Two Yellowstone workers fired for peeing in Old Faithful geyser

While we’re on the subject of Yellowstone, here’s an interesting story in recent news (article from www.digitaljournal.com/article/272669).
Two Yellowstone workers fired for peeing in Old Faithful geyser
By Billie Boggs.

Published May 15, 2009 by ■ Billie Boggs

One family was surprised to witness two employees urinating in the park’s most famous attraction. They saw the event take [...]

Yellowstone National Park :: Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho

Yellowstone National Park is a familiar name to most Americans, but unfortunately many people do not realize how beautiful it actually is.  In fact, it is the first National Park to be established in the United States.  Yellowstone is my favorite natural area I have seen during my travels.  Every landscape is picturesque, with crystal [...]

The ExOfficio Challenge

Can odorless underwear really stand up to the test, or is it just a bunch of marketing hoopla?
Nick bought ExOfficio boxers before we began the trip, and I wasn’t too sure if this was a great idea, or the worst idea ever thought.  Your boxers may not smell after camping for 2 weeks, but that [...]

Blue Pool Wash :: Outside of Page, Arizona

After seeing the Grand Canyon, we took advantage of the many camping sites in the National Forests of Arizona.  A large portion of the area between our route from Page to Durango is a Navajo reservation, and we came upon the Navajo Tribal Parks Office.
When we drove up to the entry, we soon learned that [...]

The Grand Canyon

By: Nick H-J
We arrived at the south rim of the Grand Canyon around 10am after a night at Mather Campground.  For $18 we got a little camp site and access to water and bathroom facilities.  (I prefer the national forest we camped in for free the second night).
Once at the visitor center on the south [...]

Brooklyn Pizza :: Tucson, Arizona and a Look at Our Use of Resources

There’s a pizzeria on 4th Street that’s making more than Brooklyn-style pies.  Brooklyn Pizza Company is making it’s own electricity with over 46 solar panels on the building’s roof.  The energy generated is large enough to run the restaurant’s power, including the coolers.
When you walk into Brooklyn Pizza Company, you are greeted by a flat [...]

McDonald Observatory :: Fort Davis, Texas

Fort Davis, originally uploaded by Ramble Writer.
As you drive into the small town of Fort Davis, which is less than an hour from Marfa, you may soon notice the lack of street lights along the streets. While Austin has moonlight towers that illuminate neighborhoods and roads (see below for a brief history of these [...]

Our U.S. Ramblings So Far :: Part II

Our U.S. Ramblings So Far, originally uploaded by Ramble Writer.
Durham, NC | Greensboro, NC | Denver, NC
Asheville, NC | Black Mountain, NC | Mountain City, TN
Abingdon, VA | Charlottesville, VA | Durwood, MD
Lewisburg, PA | Salem, MA | Boston, MA
Columbus, OH | St. Louis, [...]

Padre’s Marfa :: Marfa, Texas

Marfa, originally uploaded by Ramble Writer.
After it’s grand opening last month, Padre’s has become one of the most popular bars in Marfa. I will, however, disclose that it is one of two bars in town (Jett’s Grill, in the El Paisano hotel, is the other bar). Padre’s is now the hot spot in [...]