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Traveling Nicaragua :: Our Rambling Route

Nicaragua is a stunning country that offers lush, green lanscapes, rolling hills, and quiet beaches.  Since Nicaragua is not as developed as it’s neighbor, Costa Rica, driving offers a wonderful way to experience it’s many rural towns.  While making this video, I realized just how much beautiful footage Nicaragua offered.  Enjoy!

Finca Esperanza Verde Edo-lodge Video

Below is a video about Finca Esperanza Verde Eco-lodge located outside of San Ramón, Nicaragua:

Captain Morgan’s Dive Center :: Jewel Cay, Honduras

Check out our video of us diving at Captain Morgan’s Dive Center:

Off-Road Cuisine Episode 3 :: The Perfect Margarita

Looking for that perfect margarita recipe?  Watch this episode of Off-Road Cuisine to make Nick’s perfect margarita!

Our Guatemala Route

You read about the route, now see it for yourself in the 5 minute video below.  If you are interested in seeing our Guatemala pictures, go to www.flickr.com/photos/ramblewriter.

Off-Road Cuisine – Episode 2 :: Pico de Gallo

Our Route in Baja, Mexico :: The Video

You’ve read all about our route in Baja, now you can see a short video of the Ramblers on the road:

Off-Road Cuisine: Episode 1 – Fish Tacos in Baja, Mexico

Welcome to the first episode of Off-Road Cuisine!  Nick will instruct you how to make fish tacos with a mango avocado salsa on the beaches of Abreojos in Baja, Mexico.  Check it out, and there will be more episodes to come!

Surfing in Baja, Mexico :: A Short Video

Check out our boards and reports of my first attempts to surf!

Rambling in the U.S. :: Rare Footage of Foolish Ramblers

We are leaving the U.S. with a jewel of a video to remember us by…
Baja, here we come!