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Goldbug Springs, Idaho

Right outside of Salmon, Idaho, is a trail that leads to a beautiful group of hot springs called Goldbug Springs.  The area, which had a raging river due to the season’s snow melt, rests on top of a field of grassy rolling hills and rocky slopes.  We arrived early in the morning to start our [...]

Big Bend National Park :: Texas

At over 800,000 acres, Big Bend National Park is a must-see if you are camping in Texas.  It is one of the largest National Parks, and offers plenty of campsites to choose from.  It is also the only National Park to contain an entire mountain range, the Chisos mountains.  Since I live in the lush, [...]

Austin, Texas :: Live Music Capital of the World

Here is a bit more information about the places featured in the video:
The Shake ‘Em Ups
Although the Shake ‘Em Ups is now disbanded, you can still hear their music at www.myspace.com/shakeemups.  Vaughn Walters, Sly Barrack, and Andrew Austin-Petersen were kind enough to play for us.  We took a box of their CDs along with us [...]

Non-Campsite Camping :: Texas

Picking a campsite just off the highway can be hit or miss.  On our way toward Austin, Texas from New Orleans, Louisiana, we decided to break up the drive near the border.  I found a town called Beaumont, Texas that had a cute website touting it’s fun downtown and restaurants.  It was going to be [...]

Rambling in Memphis, Tennessee :: Short Movie

A Quick Guide to Brooklyn

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