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The Uyuni Salt Flat (Salar de Uyuni): Bolivia

Sweeping over 4,085 square miles of stark-white salt crust in southwest Bolivia, the Uyuni Salt Flat is the world’s largest expanse of encrusted salt.  The landscape is so flat, in fact, that the average altitude varies only within one meter.  It’s consistent flat surface is now used to calibrate Earth observational satellite altimeters.Ramblers who travel to the [...]

Travel and Money: Budgeting your Drive through Central and South America

I am frequently asked, “How can you afford a year-long trip?”  Our lengthy trip has remained affordable based on our accommodation and food choices.  Throughout our journey we have penny-pinched, but, as a result, we have remained abroad for a full year, which is more valuable than a few nights in sleek hotels.
In order to [...]

Off-Road Cuisine for the Rambling Camper: Pizza

Our frequent camping has provided us with ample time to experiment in the “kitchen.”  Stir-fry, beans and rice, and sauteed vegetables have become our staple meals while on the road.
Now pizza is currently our favorite dish, thanks to Kacey and Dave, who taught us how to make it while we camped together in Peru.  Kacey [...]

Pirate Camping 102: How-To Video

Pirate Camping 102 :: A How-To Guide

By Nick H-J
Getting started pirate camping with any regularity can be daunting.  To be honest, it took us several months of regular pirate camping to really get into the swing of it.  Now, however, it is second nature.  We not only enjoy it and are comfortable doing it wherever we go, we recently totaled [...]

Playa Naranja, Santa Rosa National Park :: Costa Rica

After a long day of driving and a border crossing from Nicaragua into Costa Rica, we anxiously hopped out of the car at Santa Rosa National Park and walked onto Playa Naranja at sunset.  Vibrant oranges, reds, and purples streaked across the sky, reflecting into the waves crashing on the white beach.  In the distance, [...]

10 Travel Gear Recommendations: Camping, Trekking, and Road-tripping

Packing for a year-long journey is no easy task.  The thoughtful traveler strives to have that perfect balance between bringing all of one’s necessities, without being overburdened by bags full of gear.  I made a list of 10 items that are extremely useful, yet sometimes overlooked while planning to pack for an adventure:
GPS Unit
Our GPS [...]

Nicawaves House Rental :: Popoyo, Nicaragua

Driving down southwestern Nicaragua, dirt roads lead you to the coastal town of Popoyo.  Whizzing by Nicaraguans clad in rash guards and board shorts, signs pepper the road directing you to hostels, hotels, and restaurants located on the main strip.
If you are looking for a place to crash that shies away from it’s overpriced and [...]

Captain Morgan’s Dive Center :: Jewel Cay, Honduras

Check out our video of us diving at Captain Morgan’s Dive Center:

Camping in Baja, Mexico :: Our Route through this Beautiful Mexican Peninsula – PART 2

NIGHT 23 – La Paz
From San Juanico, the route into La Paz is primarily driven on the paved roads of Mex 1.  The trip takes 5-6 hours.  We arrived in the evening, driving along the malecon (boardwalk) as the sun set.  There were people, palm trees, and restaurants everywhere, and, since we didn’t know anyone [...]