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Pirate Camping: Valparaiso, Chile

By Nick H-J

Valparaiso is an awesome city, with beautiful murals and great beaches nearby.  However, it’s not the easiest place to pirate camp and it’s not cheap to stay anywhere.
We wondered into this little gem of a pirate camping site entirely by accident.  It has showers, bathroom facilities, beach volleyball and great beach side sunsets [...]

Pirate Camping 102: How-To Video

Pirate Camping 102 :: A How-To Guide

By Nick H-J
Getting started pirate camping with any regularity can be daunting.  To be honest, it took us several months of regular pirate camping to really get into the swing of it.  Now, however, it is second nature.  We not only enjoy it and are comfortable doing it wherever we go, we recently totaled [...]

Pirate Camping :: Cartagena, Colombia

By Nick H-J
Notwithstanding all the other complications, timing of arrival in Cartagena is tricky since you will be traveling separately from your vehicle.  Assuming you can get yourself and your vehicle there at roughly the same time, there is still the process of retrieving it from the port and getting it through customs.  This basically [...]

Pirate Camping :: Panama City, Panama

By Nick H-J

Cities are usually not the easiest places to find good pirate camping locations.  If you are planning to ship your vehicle to Colombia you will need to be in Panama City for a couple of days at least.  We found an excellent pirate camping site near the water and out of the way.  [...]

Camping in Baja, Mexico :: Our Route through this Beautiful Mexican Peninsula – PART 2

NIGHT 23 – La Paz
From San Juanico, the route into La Paz is primarily driven on the paved roads of Mex 1.  The trip takes 5-6 hours.  We arrived in the evening, driving along the malecon (boardwalk) as the sun set.  There were people, palm trees, and restaurants everywhere, and, since we didn’t know anyone [...]

Pirate Camping :: The $10 Five-Star Experience

By: Nick H-J
Rochelle and I recently camped in the parking lot of a swanky hotel outside Phoenix.  We parked in the side lot just at dusk and went for a walk around the neighborhood. After our walk we bedded down and slept until dawn.  After a bit of breakfast we headed towards the pool for [...]

Pirate Camping 101 : An Introduction

By Nick H-J

On this trip we have been doing some makeshift camping from time to time.  At this point in the trip it typically happens around 6 pm daily.  We find a spot, we set, up we camp.  After several weeks of this, in many different environments, I realize I like something about it.  I [...]