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Ramblers Interviewed: Erik and Noah

I want to give a special thanks to Erik and Noah, who created their own interview video for Ramble Writer.To read more about Erik and Noah, visit their websites:
Erik: http://www.everlater.com/erikmyhre/leaving-corporate/
Noah: http://theschumbag.blogspot.com/

Ramblers Interviewed: Kacey and Dave

Kacey Dave entered Mexico around the same time that we did, but our first run-in with them was in Cartagena, Colombia.  After Cartagena, we bumped into them in Mancora, Peru and camped with them for a couple nights.
Kacey and Dave are driving to Ushuaia in a Toyota Tacoma that is equipped with a tent [...]

Ramblers Interviewed: Belinda and Dominic

Like many ramblers we met in Cartagena who used Barwil Shipping Agencies, Belinda and Dominic, a couple driving their Volkswagen van from Canada, spent a great deal of time in Cartagena due to vehicle shipping delays.  Fortunately for us, we were able to meet Belinda and Dominic and hear about their experience on the road.  [...]

Ramblers Interviewed: Dominic, Alex, and Adam

Since Cartagena, Colombia is the arrival port for most ramblers shipping their vehicles from Panama to Colombia, our long stay in this beautiful city has connected us to countless travelers driving the Americas.
It was especially exciting to meet Dominic, Alex, and Adam, since emails between Dominic and I began in early July. “Hi Rochelle,” he [...]

Ramblers Interviewed :: Claire and Tom

When we saw Claire and Tom’s red VW Beetle driving to Tikal (with surfboards in the front seat), we said, “They’ve got to be gringos!”  Sure enough, we saw Tom driving, and Claire was taking back seat to the surfboards.  The couple started in Mexico, and are headed to Panama.  From Panama, they hope to [...]

Ramblers Interviewed :: Jimmy and Rachel

From left to right: Jennifer & Nate (ramblers from Aspen), Rachel, Nick, and Jimmy
While rambling in the U.S., I received an email from Jimmy and Rachel inviting us to visit and discuss our travels.  Since they completed their drive from California to Panama last year, I was eager to ask them questions about [...]

Ramblers Interviewed :: Allan and Dave

We met Allan and Dave at a campsite outside of Rosalillita in Baja, Mexico.  Allan and Dave set out for their adventure about a month ago, and are driving their Volkswagen camper van to Central America, or even South America.  Their final destination is yet to be determined.

We enjoyed sitting by the campfire with Allan [...]

Ramblers Interviewed: Lucus & Louise from Australia

While we were fueling up at a random gas station in Oregon, Nick overheard Louise speaking to the station attendant.  “So what part of Queensland are you from?” he asked with a grin.  Surprised, she looked at him and asked how he knew she was an Aussie.
Nick lived in Australia for a couple years, and, [...]