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Camping in Baja, Mexico :: Our Route through this Beautiful Mexican Peninsula – PART 1

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our Baja route, followed by a short video of our travels in Baja!
Frequented by surfers, campers, and general coastal enthusiasts from all over the world, Baja, Mexico is a wonderful destination for alluring ocean landscapes, inexpensive travel, and easy camping.  Our stay in Baja has lasted for over two [...]

Driving and Equipment Tips for Baja and Central America

by Nick H-J
One of the wonderful things about Baja and Central America is the abundance of coastline, which means beaches, to see, camp on, fish on and drive on.  There is also an abundance of nasty washboard-covered dirt roads that get you to those beaches. If you are like me, both of these things sound [...]

Ramblers Interviewed :: Allan and Dave

We met Allan and Dave at a campsite outside of Rosalillita in Baja, Mexico.  Allan and Dave set out for their adventure about a month ago, and are driving their Volkswagen camper van to Central America, or even South America.  Their final destination is yet to be determined.

We enjoyed sitting by the campfire with Allan [...]

Border Crossing :: San Diego, California to Tijuana, Mexico

“A donde van (Where are you going)?” the border guard asked.
“Baja,” we reply in unison.
“Y lo que más aparte del perro (And what else besides the dog)?”  He nodded toward Domino.
“Si… que?”  I say.  My Spanish was embarrassingly rusty.  “Did he ask about Domino?”  I said to Nick.  “Oh, you mean what else do we [...]