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Our Flight Home: Flying a Dog on International Flights

Although I was excited to fly home from Buenos Aires to North Carolina, I was extremely nervous for Domino.  Since Domino is a pitbull mix that is 55 pounds, he was required to travel underneath the plane as cargo with the cabin’s luggage.  We bought a crate that followed the airlines’ regulations, acquired [...]

Border Crossing :: Chile to Argentina – Las Cuevas

Our entry into Argentina was fastest and most straight-forward border crossing of the entire trip.  Driving through the mountains provides a scenic route, and the drive-through customs procedure is a pleasant surprise for border-wearied ramblers.

When you drive up to the first kiosk about 25 km from the border, an official will request to see [...]

Border Crossing: Bolivia to Chile – Avaroa and Ollague

Leaving the poorest country in South America and entering the richest is quite a shocking border crossing experience.  The Chilean government, in contrast to Bolivian administration, is organized, modern and efficient.  As usual, leaving a country is fairly easy, but you will be glad to find that entering Chile is painless as well.

STEP 1: Find the [...]

Border Crossing: Peru to Bolivia – Desaguadero

The town of Desaguadero is bustling with vendors, money changers, and indigenous women dressed in pleated skirts and small bowler hats.  It is a typical border town, which is a stark contrast from the blue waters and rocky slopes of Lake Titicaca.
Go to the migracion office, located to the left of the large [...]

Border Crossing: Ecuador to Peru

Border town: Huaquillas
L E A V I N G   E C U A D O R
Turn into Huaquillas (do not go straight into the Frontera).  After paying $1 USD at the tollbooth, look for the building with the palm trees out front.  You will see the Migracion sign to your left.
Show the official [...]

Border Crossing: Colombia to Ecuador

Border town: Impiales
The border crossing from Colombia to Ecuador is a piece of cake in comparison to the border crossings of Central America.  The process is straight-forward, clean, and organized, and the mountains surrounding Impiales are spectacular.
When you drive to the border crossing, park in the lot [...]

Border Crossing :: Costa Rica to Panama – Paso Canoas

Crossing the border from Costa Rica to Panama at Paso Canoas is fairly simple.  Unfortunately, however, Panama was the first country where we found it necessary to bribe officials.  We had to give two bribes within the first hour of entering Panama, which totaled in $45 USD.  I attribute this to bad luck and bad [...]

Border Crossing :: Honduras to Nicaragua

Las Manos and El Paraiso

When you enter Las Manos, drive past the series of trucks lines up on either side of the road.  Go to the Aduana office, an orange building on your left, and provide your Temporary Vehicle Importation Permit and the passport of the person who checked the vehicle in.  The [...]

Border Crossing :: Guatemala to Honduras

Our entry into Honduras from Guatemala was the most time consuming crossing we have experienced thus far.  We now know it was due to our choice in border crossings – the exit from Entrerios, Guatemala, to Corinto, Honduras, is the only Honduran border town without an aduana (customs) office within the same town.  Aduana is [...]

Border Crossing :: Mexico to Guatemala

Border crossings can be extremely confusing, so I hope this information will be helpful for your departure from Mexico.  Leave ample time to cross the border.  Lines, validation processes, and general disorganization can take hours to finish.  In order to be prepared, you can print this post to assist [...]