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Rambling Buenos Aires: A Guide

Wine, steak, mate, gelato, ornate historic buildings, creative boutiques, and a vibrant nightlife are my many favorites aspects of Buenos Aires.  We spent five weeks exploring the city, and I could have spent many more months sipping espresso in it’s numerous cafes, sampling grilled meat at nearby parrillas, and marveling at the impressive [...]

Thank you to San Telmo Loft, a new Ramble Writer Sponsor

Ramble Writer would like to extend a special thanks to our new sponsor, San Telmo Loft, located in barrio San Telmo, Buenos Aires.  Nick and I had the pleasure of staying in The Pad, a two bedroom apartment with a patio, as well as the Loft, an studio apartment located in the same building.  San [...]

Travel and Money: Budgeting your Drive through Central and South America

I am frequently asked, “How can you afford a year-long trip?”  Our lengthy trip has remained affordable based on our accommodation and food choices.  Throughout our journey we have penny-pinched, but, as a result, we have remained abroad for a full year, which is more valuable than a few nights in sleek hotels.
In order to [...]

Pirate Camping :: Panama City, Panama

By Nick H-J

Cities are usually not the easiest places to find good pirate camping locations.  If you are planning to ship your vehicle to Colombia you will need to be in Panama City for a couple of days at least.  We found an excellent pirate camping site near the water and out of the way.  [...]

Uvita, Costa Rica

The view from Bejuco, a small neighborhood located in the mountains of Uvita, overlooks Playa Uvita, one of the most impressive coastlines in southwestern Costa Rica.  Although the dark turquoise water, the white sand, the endless seascape, and the vast green fields neighboring palm and coconut trees are breathtaking, it is the ballena cola, a [...]