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The Ramblers’ Truck is FOR SALE!

NOTE: We are beginning the truck sale process in advance to ensure our vehicle is sold – we are not “canceling” the remains of our trip (we have received some worried emails).  However, if there is a buyer earlier than we planned, we are willing to travel South America without our trusty truck.
The time has [...]

Playa Naranja, Santa Rosa National Park :: Costa Rica

After a long day of driving and a border crossing from Nicaragua into Costa Rica, we anxiously hopped out of the car at Santa Rosa National Park and walked onto Playa Naranja at sunset.  Vibrant oranges, reds, and purples streaked across the sky, reflecting into the waves crashing on the white beach.  In the distance, [...]

Driving and Equipment Tips for Baja and Central America

by Nick H-J
One of the wonderful things about Baja and Central America is the abundance of coastline, which means beaches, to see, camp on, fish on and drive on.  There is also an abundance of nasty washboard-covered dirt roads that get you to those beaches. If you are like me, both of these things sound [...]

Rambling Tips :: Theft Prevention and Safety

After traveling on the road for over four months, there are a few choice tips I have found in regard to theft protection.  They are as follows:
F I S H   E Y E   M I R R O R :
A fish eye mirror on the corner of each side-view mirror has increased our vision drastically.  [...]

4Runner Modifications

By Nick H-J

::The Truck
We are traveling (and living) in a 1988 Toyota 4Runner that was bought and outfitted specifically for this trip.  I’ll give you a short run down on the details.  If anyone (gear heads) has more specific technical questions about how I did something feel free to write me or comment on this [...]