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Border Crossing: Peru to Bolivia – Desaguadero

The town of Desaguadero is bustling with vendors, money changers, and indigenous women dressed in pleated skirts and small bowler hats.  It is a typical border town, which is a stark contrast from the blue waters and rocky slopes of Lake Titicaca.
Go to the migracion office, located to the left of the large [...]

Rambling Peru

Since Nick and I have both visited Peru in the past, we decided to primarily drive down the Pan-American Highway, which is mainly vast stretches of desert and coastal lines.  Therefore, we skipped Cusco, Machu Picchu, the small towns on Lake Titicaca, and tours of the Amazon jungle, all of which are amazing sights to [...]

Border Crossing: Ecuador to Peru

Border town: Huaquillas
L E A V I N G   E C U A D O R
Turn into Huaquillas (do not go straight into the Frontera).  After paying $1 USD at the tollbooth, look for the building with the palm trees out front.  You will see the Migracion sign to your left.
Show the official [...]