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Border Crossing: Bolivia to Chile – Avaroa and Ollague

Leaving the poorest country in South America and entering the richest is quite a shocking border crossing experience.  The Chilean government, in contrast to Bolivian administration, is organized, modern and efficient.  As usual, leaving a country is fairly easy, but you will be glad to find that entering Chile is painless as well.

STEP 1: Find the [...]

Rambling Bolivia

With a population of 9.1 million and about 60% living in poverty, Bolivia is the poorest country in South America.  Due to this country’s impoverishment, rambling Bolivia contrasts greatly to it’s neighboring countries, such as Peru, Chile, and Argentina.  In many regions of Bolivia, the landscape appears untouched, stretching for miles on either side of [...]

The Uyuni Salt Flat (Salar de Uyuni): Bolivia

Sweeping over 4,085 square miles of stark-white salt crust in southwest Bolivia, the Uyuni Salt Flat is the world’s largest expanse of encrusted salt.  The landscape is so flat, in fact, that the average altitude varies only within one meter.  It’s consistent flat surface is now used to calibrate Earth observational satellite altimeters.Ramblers who travel to the [...]

Border Crossing: Peru to Bolivia – Desaguadero

The town of Desaguadero is bustling with vendors, money changers, and indigenous women dressed in pleated skirts and small bowler hats.  It is a typical border town, which is a stark contrast from the blue waters and rocky slopes of Lake Titicaca.
Go to the migracion office, located to the left of the large [...]