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Border Crossing :: Chile to Argentina – Las Cuevas

Our entry into Argentina was fastest and most straight-forward border crossing of the entire trip.  Driving through the mountains provides a scenic route, and the drive-through customs procedure is a pleasant surprise for border-wearied ramblers.

When you drive up to the first kiosk about 25 km from the border, an official will request to see [...]

Pirate Camping: Valparaiso, Chile

By Nick H-J

Valparaiso is an awesome city, with beautiful murals and great beaches nearby.  However, it’s not the easiest place to pirate camp and it’s not cheap to stay anywhere.
We wondered into this little gem of a pirate camping site entirely by accident.  It has showers, bathroom facilities, beach volleyball and great beach side sunsets [...]

Rambling Chile

Chile, the richest country in South America, is a modern and organized country with a northern desert, sunny beaches, and the mountainous landscapes of Patagonia.  Be prepared to pay significantly more money for food, accommodations, and shopping items, which will pay for the modern amenities that Chile has to offer.
After countless days of [...]

Border Crossing: Bolivia to Chile – Avaroa and Ollague

Leaving the poorest country in South America and entering the richest is quite a shocking border crossing experience.  The Chilean government, in contrast to Bolivian administration, is organized, modern and efficient.  As usual, leaving a country is fairly easy, but you will be glad to find that entering Chile is painless as well.

STEP 1: Find the [...]