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Our Flight Home: Flying a Dog on International Flights

Although I was excited to fly home from Buenos Aires to North Carolina, I was extremely nervous for Domino.  Since Domino is a pitbull mix that is 55 pounds, he was required to travel underneath the plane as cargo with the cabin’s luggage.  We bought a crate that followed the airlines’ regulations, acquired [...]

Rambling Buenos Aires: A Guide

Wine, steak, mate, gelato, ornate historic buildings, creative boutiques, and a vibrant nightlife are my many favorites aspects of Buenos Aires.  We spent five weeks exploring the city, and I could have spent many more months sipping espresso in it’s numerous cafes, sampling grilled meat at nearby parrillas, and marveling at the impressive [...]

Thank you to San Telmo Loft, a new Ramble Writer Sponsor

Ramble Writer would like to extend a special thanks to our new sponsor, San Telmo Loft, located in barrio San Telmo, Buenos Aires.  Nick and I had the pleasure of staying in The Pad, a two bedroom apartment with a patio, as well as the Loft, an studio apartment located in the same building.  San [...]

Rambling Argentina

It was the last country on our year-long trip, and Argentina lived up to my expectations.  We did not see even a small fraction of the country and even missed Patagonia, but the Argentine culture, landscape, and people have persuaded Nick and I to plan another trip here.  We experienced more of the city life, [...]

How to Prepare Yerba Maté: Step by Step Guide

Whether you are in a park, on a subway, shopping in an outdoor feria, or in an Argentine’s home, you will soon begin to notice that the maté cup and bombilla (metal straw) are ever-present.  Yerba maté, a drink made from dried leaves steeped in hot water, carries rules and ediquete regarding it’s preparation and [...]

Border Crossing :: Chile to Argentina – Las Cuevas

Our entry into Argentina was fastest and most straight-forward border crossing of the entire trip.  Driving through the mountains provides a scenic route, and the drive-through customs procedure is a pleasant surprise for border-wearied ramblers.

When you drive up to the first kiosk about 25 km from the border, an official will request to see [...]