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10 Travel Gear Recommendations: Camping, Trekking, and Road-tripping

Packing for a year-long journey is no easy task.  The thoughtful traveler strives to have that perfect balance between bringing all of one’s necessities, without being overburdened by bags full of gear.  I made a list of 10 items that are extremely useful, yet sometimes overlooked while planning to pack for an adventure:
GPS Unit
Our GPS [...]

Rambling Tips :: Theft Prevention and Safety

After traveling on the road for over four months, there are a few choice tips I have found in regard to theft protection.  They are as follows:
F I S H   E Y E   M I R R O R :
A fish eye mirror on the corner of each side-view mirror has increased our vision drastically.  [...]

Featured Travel Gear :: Sirius Satellite Radio

Since our time in the car has already equaled to hundreds of hours, I can safely say that satellite radio is one of our best pieces of equipment.  I never considered buying satellite radio until we began preparing for the trip.  I always assumed that is was expensive, so I never investigated it.
Our system costs [...]

Pirate Camping :: The $10 Five-Star Experience

By: Nick H-J
Rochelle and I recently camped in the parking lot of a swanky hotel outside Phoenix.  We parked in the side lot just at dusk and went for a walk around the neighborhood. After our walk we bedded down and slept until dawn.  After a bit of breakfast we headed towards the pool for [...]

The ExOfficio Challenge

Can odorless underwear really stand up to the test, or is it just a bunch of marketing hoopla?
Nick bought ExOfficio boxers before we began the trip, and I wasn’t too sure if this was a great idea, or the worst idea ever thought.  Your boxers may not smell after camping for 2 weeks, but that [...]

The Grand Canyon

By: Nick H-J
We arrived at the south rim of the Grand Canyon around 10am after a night at Mather Campground.  For $18 we got a little camp site and access to water and bathroom facilities.  (I prefer the national forest we camped in for free the second night).
Once at the visitor center on the south [...]

4Runner Modifications

By Nick H-J

::The Truck
We are traveling (and living) in a 1988 Toyota 4Runner that was bought and outfitted specifically for this trip.  I’ll give you a short run down on the details.  If anyone (gear heads) has more specific technical questions about how I did something feel free to write me or comment on this [...]

Using the Winch

Sewing a Customized Mosquito Net

We are delayed yet again.  I am still in Greensboro, and Nick is trying his hardest to get the truck completed at the shop in Raleigh.  We will not leave until Tuesday (and who knows if it will be as early as Tuesday!).

So I have been keeping busy.  It took me hours and [...]

Track Ramble Writer Everyday: Our new GPS online map

Thanks to Global Tracking Communications, Inc., our map is now installed on the site.  You can now get online and see our progress everyday as we drive to Argentina.  ::: CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT :::
We recently bought a GPS unit, the Tracker 1000, from Global Tracking Communications (GTC).  GTC was kind enough to [...]