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Travel Gear :: 8 Months’ Worth of Gear

:: Greensboro, NC ::
Yesterday we sorted through all of our luggage and narrowed it down to the essentials (as you can see above).  This is IT.  All of our stuff for 8 months.  It feels pretty liberating.  I hope to have more details about certain gear categories as the trip continues.  We have packed [...]

The Best Travel Towel: The Absorber

Nick recently bought a The Absorber, which is a small, thin, absorbent cloth that is perfect as a towel.  I was a little skeptical at first, but this towel is great.  It is very thin and extremely absorbent, which is great for saving room in your travel bag for other necessities.  The strange thing is [...]

More Gear Purchases

More shopping.  More gear.
The holidays were a great time to shop and receive gifts for the trip.  Below are more items to add to the list or travel gear.  All pictures are from the corresponding company’s website.
These are purchases from Target’s camping section:

Thermos Stainless King Steel Vacuumware
16 oz. food jar with expandable spoon
Great for beans [...]

REI Garage Sale: How It Works & Tips to Help

When REI opens it’s warehouse to members, the event begins before the doors open at 10:00 am.  Here are a few tips I learned at my first Garage Sale:
1. Get to REI early.  Nick and I arrived at 10 am, and there was already a crowd of people surrounding the front door.  Once the doors [...]

More Travel Gear

All of these items were purchased at REI, and the prices listed are based on REI’s merchandise.  All website links, however, will direct you to the brand name’s website in order to show you detailed product information and related products under the same name.  Visit rei.com to research any of these products through the REI [...]

Most ladies get flowers, I get a knife

Nick ordered a surprise present for me today – my very own knife! I soon will be able to check off “Learn How to Use a Knife” in my Goal #2 list. Sounds weird, but I really want to slice open a coconut with this thing. I tried to open a coconut [...]