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10 Travel Gear Recommendations: Camping, Trekking, and Road-tripping

Packing for a year-long journey is no easy task.  The thoughtful traveler strives to have that perfect balance between bringing all of one’s necessities, without being overburdened by bags full of gear.  I made a list of 10 items that are extremely useful, yet sometimes overlooked while planning to pack for an adventure:
GPS Unit
Our GPS [...]

Anti-Malaria Drug Options

by Nick H-J
Traveling in Central and South America can put you at risk for contracting malaria. Places where malaria is endemic change with seasons, population and other factors. In general, high altitude areas are safer, and lower altitude, rural places with tropical climates and lots of mosquitoes are higher risk. Buying anti-malarial drugs in the [...]

The Grand Canyon

By: Nick H-J
We arrived at the south rim of the Grand Canyon around 10am after a night at Mather Campground.  For $18 we got a little camp site and access to water and bathroom facilities.  (I prefer the national forest we camped in for free the second night).
Once at the visitor center on the south [...]

America Loves Domino:: Couch Surfing with a Dog

By Nick H-J

The idea of traveling with a dog scares a lot of people.  If you are staying with friends and family, as we are in the states, it might scare those you are hoping to stay with too.  Here are some tips that any traveling should know about the etiquette of couch surfing with [...]

4Runner Modifications

By Nick H-J

::The Truck
We are traveling (and living) in a 1988 Toyota 4Runner that was bought and outfitted specifically for this trip.  I’ll give you a short run down on the details.  If anyone (gear heads) has more specific technical questions about how I did something feel free to write me or comment on this [...]

Sewing a Customized Mosquito Net

We are delayed yet again.  I am still in Greensboro, and Nick is trying his hardest to get the truck completed at the shop in Raleigh.  We will not leave until Tuesday (and who knows if it will be as early as Tuesday!).

So I have been keeping busy.  It took me hours and [...]

Track Ramble Writer Everyday: Our new GPS online map

Thanks to Global Tracking Communications, Inc., our map is now installed on the site.  You can now get online and see our progress everyday as we drive to Argentina.  ::: CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT :::
We recently bought a GPS unit, the Tracker 1000, from Global Tracking Communications (GTC).  GTC was kind enough to [...]

Travel Gear :: 8 Months’ Worth of Gear

:: Greensboro, NC ::
Yesterday we sorted through all of our luggage and narrowed it down to the essentials (as you can see above).  This is IT.  All of our stuff for 8 months.  It feels pretty liberating.  I hope to have more details about certain gear categories as the trip continues.  We have packed [...]

The Best Travel Towel: The Absorber

Nick recently bought a The Absorber, which is a small, thin, absorbent cloth that is perfect as a towel.  I was a little skeptical at first, but this towel is great.  It is very thin and extremely absorbent, which is great for saving room in your travel bag for other necessities.  The strange thing is [...]

Vaccinations and Medicine for Central & South America

I spent quite a while researching vaccinations and medicines that we will need for the trip.  One important thing that I learned (and I think most people know this), is that you have to forward your medical records to every new doctor you see.  Unfortunately, this has taken longer than expected, for in order to [...]