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Our Flight Home: Flying a Dog on International Flights

Although I was excited to fly home from Buenos Aires to North Carolina, I was extremely nervous for Domino.  Since Domino is a pitbull mix that is 55 pounds, he was required to travel underneath the plane as cargo with the cabin’s luggage.  We bought a crate that followed the airlines’ regulations, acquired [...]

Rambling Buenos Aires: A Guide

Wine, steak, mate, gelato, ornate historic buildings, creative boutiques, and a vibrant nightlife are my many favorites aspects of Buenos Aires.  We spent five weeks exploring the city, and I could have spent many more months sipping espresso in it’s numerous cafes, sampling grilled meat at nearby parrillas, and marveling at the impressive [...]

Border Crossing :: Costa Rica to Panama – Paso Canoas

Crossing the border from Costa Rica to Panama at Paso Canoas is fairly simple.  Unfortunately, however, Panama was the first country where we found it necessary to bribe officials.  We had to give two bribes within the first hour of entering Panama, which totaled in $45 USD.  I attribute this to bad luck and bad [...]

The Grand Canyon

By: Nick H-J
We arrived at the south rim of the Grand Canyon around 10am after a night at Mather Campground.  For $18 we got a little camp site and access to water and bathroom facilities.  (I prefer the national forest we camped in for free the second night).
Once at the visitor center on the south [...]

America Loves Domino:: Couch Surfing with a Dog

By Nick H-J

The idea of traveling with a dog scares a lot of people.  If you are staying with friends and family, as we are in the states, it might scare those you are hoping to stay with too.  Here are some tips that any traveling should know about the etiquette of couch surfing with [...]

More Travel Gear

All of these items were purchased at REI, and the prices listed are based on REI’s merchandise.  All website links, however, will direct you to the brand name’s website in order to show you detailed product information and related products under the same name.  Visit rei.com to research any of these products through the REI [...]

Traveling with a Dog

We are getting a dog on Tuesday!
Nick and I talked hypothetically about getting a dog, but neither of us thought that it would be so soon!  We went to the Animal Protection Society of Durham on Saturday, and fell in love.  His name is Domino and he is a pit bull terrier mix.  45 pounds, [...]