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Monthly Archives: July 2008

Most ladies get flowers, I get a knife

Nick ordered a surprise present for me today – my very own knife! I soon will be able to check off “Learn How to Use a Knife” in my Goal #2 list. Sounds weird, but I really want to slice open a coconut with this thing. I tried to open a coconut [...]

Five Travel Goals

Since I will be on the road for most of 2009 and this trip is bound to be the most adventurous yet, I created a list of six goals for the journey.
During this trip I am going to:
1. Dream in Spanish
I can speak Spanish and communicate fairly effectively, but my grammar and speed need [...]

The Beginning

Tentative Departure Date from Durham, NC : around February 2009                                                              I tend not to procrastinate…
It’s the beginning of the trip, and we are still in Durham.  I have worked for hours and hours on RambleWriter.com, designing, researching, and contacting others for blogging and traveling advice.  This is the  beginning of my trip – [...]