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Monthly Archives: September 2008

Why drive to South America?

By Nick
As I begin to prepare for the upcoming trip I’ve started thinking about why I am going on this trip and what kind of experience I want to make it. I thought I would make a list of some questions and then answer them to help tease it out my goals.
Why am I [...]

Good Eats and Drinks in New York City

Trip to New York City: September 12 -15, 2008
A short trip to New York City always reminds me how much I love to visit.  Nick and I flew up to NYC for a long weekend, and we ate/drank at a few restaurants that are definitely worth checking out:
Spuyten Duyvil
359 Metropolitan [...]

How to Choose a Sleeping Bag

There are more options to choosing a sleeping bag than one may think.  A good sleeping bag can make or break a trip in cold weather.  I am becoming a bit more familiar with REI now, although I haven’t bought anything yet.  I’m just scoping it out.  I was astonished to see so many sleeping [...]

Traveling with a Dog

We are getting a dog on Tuesday!
Nick and I talked hypothetically about getting a dog, but neither of us thought that it would be so soon!  We went to the Animal Protection Society of Durham on Saturday, and fell in love.  His name is Domino and he is a pit bull terrier mix.  45 pounds, [...]