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Monthly Archives: November 2008

More Travel Gear

All of these items were purchased at REI, and the prices listed are based on REI’s merchandise.  All website links, however, will direct you to the brand name’s website in order to show you detailed product information and related products under the same name.  Visit rei.com to research any of these products through the REI [...]

Phase 1: Rambling the U.S.

We may not have an “Official Itinerary” for the trip, but due to the frequent questions concerning our departure, I thought I would map out our tentative plans:

We plan to be out of our house by February 1st, although we may have to stick around for another week or two.  I’ll make sure to update [...]

Rochelle and Esquire Magazine: Great Minds Think Alike

As I was flipping through Esquire Magazine this weekend (I have never read it before), I noticed that David Chang, the owner of Momofuku restaurants (mentioned in my past blog entitled “Good Eats & Drinks in New York City“), is listed as one of the 75 Most Influential People of the 21st Century by Esquire [...]

Buying a Jacket for Travel

Since our space will be limited in the truck, I am buying multi-purposed outdoor clothing for the trip.  After visiting REI about 3 times in the last couple months, I finally found two jackets that will become part of my staple attire.
When looking for a shell, I needed:
1. Waterproof   2. Breathable   3. Many Pockets   4. [...]