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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Livin’ la vida loca

Our house is in disarray.  I have to admit, I almost broke down yesterday – I was pretty stressed out.  But a night of music and cheap beer put me in better spirits for today.  We move out of our house tomorrow, but the trip is delayed a week.  We will be staying [...]

Phase 1: Rambling around the U.S. ::: UPDATED

Here is an updated version of our U.S. plans:

More Gear Purchases

More shopping.  More gear.
The holidays were a great time to shop and receive gifts for the trip.  Below are more items to add to the list or travel gear.  All pictures are from the corresponding company’s website.
These are purchases from Target’s camping section:

Thermos Stainless King Steel Vacuumware
16 oz. food jar with expandable spoon
Great for beans [...]

Rambling in D.C. — Barack Obama’s Inauguration

We couldn’t help ourselves.  It is only two weeks before we leave town (departure date is February 1st), and there are a ton of preparations to do, but we had to welcome Obama into his presidency… in person.  So Nick and I are in D.C., prepared to join the crowd of over 3 million people [...]

REI Garage Sale: How It Works & Tips to Help

When REI opens it’s warehouse to members, the event begins before the doors open at 10:00 am.  Here are a few tips I learned at my first Garage Sale:
1. Get to REI early.  Nick and I arrived at 10 am, and there was already a crowd of people surrounding the front door.  Once the doors [...]