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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Denver, North Carolina :: On the shores of Lake Norman

Kathy and Abe have been kind enough to put us up for a couple days, which has been great because:
- They have a keg of homemade beer on tap.
- They live on Lake Norman.
- They are awesome people.
Kathy owns Bridesmaid Essentials, an internet site dedicated to helping bridesmaids with planning, saving money, and [...]

The Trip has BEGUN! For Real this Time.

After countless goodbyes and re-goodbyes, the trip has begun.  I know our Durham friends thought we would never get on the road.  But we pulled it off.  Truck repairs lasted a week or two longer than expected, but our 4Runner is now equipped with [...]

The Food Monster: Not Your Typical Food Critic

T H E   F O O D   M O N S T E R   B L O G
If you enjoy getting recipes and food tips with a spicy kick, check out The Food Monster’s blog.  I am lucky enough to know this food monster, and I assure you he is an extremely handsome monster, but [...]

A Day of Activities in Greensboro, North Carolina

G R E E N S B O R O ,   N O R T H   C A R O L I N A
Since I grew up in Greensboro, I almost overlooked it’s rambling potential for newcomers to the city.  Greensboro’s restaurants and nightlife have multiplied since I lived here.  I created a [...]

Sewing a Customized Mosquito Net

We are delayed yet again.  I am still in Greensboro, and Nick is trying his hardest to get the truck completed at the shop in Raleigh.  We will not leave until Tuesday (and who knows if it will be as early as Tuesday!).

So I have been keeping busy.  It took me hours and [...]

Track Ramble Writer Everyday: Our new GPS online map

Thanks to Global Tracking Communications, Inc., our map is now installed on the site.  You can now get online and see our progress everyday as we drive to Argentina.  ::: CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT :::
We recently bought a GPS unit, the Tracker 1000, from Global Tracking Communications (GTC).  GTC was kind enough to [...]

Travel Gear :: 8 Months’ Worth of Gear

:: Greensboro, NC ::
Yesterday we sorted through all of our luggage and narrowed it down to the essentials (as you can see above).  This is IT.  All of our stuff for 8 months.  It feels pretty liberating.  I hope to have more details about certain gear categories as the trip continues.  We have packed [...]

Our First Morning :: Pittsboro, NC

Well, we are finally up and running.  We managed to pack everything up and leave Durham last night (although Nick will have to go back to Durham next week for final truck gear), and we celebrated in Pittsboro.  Celebrated what, you ask?  Nick’s stepbrother, Jacob, [...]

The Best Travel Towel: The Absorber

Nick recently bought a The Absorber, which is a small, thin, absorbent cloth that is perfect as a towel.  I was a little skeptical at first, but this towel is great.  It is very thin and extremely absorbent, which is great for saving room in your travel bag for other necessities.  The strange thing is [...]

Vaccinations and Medicine for Central & South America

I spent quite a while researching vaccinations and medicines that we will need for the trip.  One important thing that I learned (and I think most people know this), is that you have to forward your medical records to every new doctor you see.  Unfortunately, this has taken longer than expected, for in order to [...]