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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Border Crossing :: Mexico to Guatemala

Border crossings can be extremely confusing, so I hope this information will be helpful for your departure from Mexico.  Leave ample time to cross the border.  Lines, validation processes, and general disorganization can take hours to finish.  In order to be prepared, you can print this post to assist [...]

How to Survive Mexican Fireworks Displays :: Teotitlan, Mexico

By: Nick H-J
Last night I had the chance to attend a display of fireworks in the small village of Teotilan in Oaxaca.  It was an event that will remain with me for the rest of my life.  If you are not clear on the fundamental underlying differences between U.S. and Mexican culture (with regard to [...]

Guest Blogger: Norma Hawthorne Writes about Oaxacan Culture

Norma Hawthorne is a mover and a shaker at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, an accomplished artist, and coordinator of numerous cultural workshops based in Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca, Mexico (she also happens to be Nick’s stepmother, by the way).  Since Norma has published numerous articles about Oaxacan culture, weaving, and cuisine, [...]

Map of Mainland Mexico

The Ramble Writer Forum: A new way to ask specific questions, share experiences, and connect with other ramblers

Our forum, the latest development at RambleWriter.com, allows you to communicate with the Ramble Writer Team and other ramblers in real time.  Have a question about the vehicle you want to bring?  Want to share a pirate camping site in Belize?  Post it all on the forum to receive and share travel tips and savvy [...]

Fun with Maps and Mountainous Roads :: Teotitlan del Valle, Mexico

After bouncing through the dusty and rocky roads of Baja, the paved roads of mainland Mexico came as a great surprise.  Our Mexican experience suddenly became modern – we whizzed by Wal-Marts, billboards, and cell phone tiendas on our smooth, asphalt path down the highway.  The ferry landed us in Topolobampo, hundreds of miles away [...]

Our Route in Baja, Mexico :: The Video

You’ve read all about our route in Baja, now you can see a short video of the Ramblers on the road:

The Ramblers are Engaged!

A N T I G U A ,  G U A T E M A L A
Last night Nick popped the question – we will be getting married!  Wedding plans are not quite in the works – we plan to finish the trip (sometime around December or January), and work on wedding plans in [...]

Off-Road Cuisine: Episode 1 – Fish Tacos in Baja, Mexico

Welcome to the first episode of Off-Road Cuisine!  Nick will instruct you how to make fish tacos with a mango avocado salsa on the beaches of Abreojos in Baja, Mexico.  Check it out, and there will be more episodes to come!

Ferrying to Mainland Mexico from La Paz, Baja California Sur

In order to cross into mainland Mexico, you will need to ferry across the Gulf of California into one of two cities from La Paz: Topolobampo and Mazatlan.  We chose to ferry to Topolobampo, the shortest ferry ride (6 hours), to save money on our tickets.  The ferry station is located at Playa Pichilingue, which [...]