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Monthly Archives: August 2009

Border Crossing :: Honduras to Nicaragua

Las Manos and El Paraiso

When you enter Las Manos, drive past the series of trucks lines up on either side of the road.  Go to the Aduana office, an orange building on your left, and provide your Temporary Vehicle Importation Permit and the passport of the person who checked the vehicle in.  The [...]

Captain Morgan’s Dive Center :: Jewel Cay, Honduras

Check out our video of us diving at Captain Morgan’s Dive Center:

Captain Morgan’s Dive Center :: Jewel Cay, Honduras

When you step off the ferry onto the island of Utila, you are immediately bombarded by the tourism and chaos that makes Utila so entertaining.  The island vibe is pervasive, giving inhabitants and visitors a “no worries” attitude.  This way of life funnels itself into a culture of partying, drugs, and drinking.  Young, tan tourists [...]

Border Crossing :: Guatemala to Honduras

Our entry into Honduras from Guatemala was the most time consuming crossing we have experienced thus far.  We now know it was due to our choice in border crossings – the exit from Entrerios, Guatemala, to Corinto, Honduras, is the only Honduran border town without an aduana (customs) office within the same town.  Aduana is [...]

Off-Road Cuisine Episode 3 :: The Perfect Margarita

Looking for that perfect margarita recipe?  Watch this episode of Off-Road Cuisine to make Nick’s perfect margarita!

Ramblers Interviewed :: Claire and Tom

When we saw Claire and Tom’s red VW Beetle driving to Tikal (with surfboards in the front seat), we said, “They’ve got to be gringos!”  Sure enough, we saw Tom driving, and Claire was taking back seat to the surfboards.  The couple started in Mexico, and are headed to Panama.  From Panama, they hope to [...]

Our Guatemala Route

You read about the route, now see it for yourself in the 5 minute video below.  If you are interested in seeing our Guatemala pictures, go to www.flickr.com/photos/ramblewriter.

Coup in Honduras? :: Maybe Not

By Nick H-J

Headlines around the world declare there has been a military coup in Honduras. Until yesterday, I was in Honduras, and I am not convinced that a coup has taken place. I am not an expert on Honduran politics, nor am I well versed in Honduran constitutional law. I am, however, a [...]

Finca los Nietos :: San Lorenzo El Cubo, Guatemala

If you are looking to venture out of Antigua for the day, Finca los Nietos, a coffee farm located just 4 miles outside of the city.  Stretching over only 1.5 acres, Finca los Nietos produces 800 pounds of organic coffee a year, all of which is sold to local cafes and restaurants.
The land resembles more [...]

Off-Road Cuisine – Episode 2 :: Pico de Gallo