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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Border Crossing :: Costa Rica to Panama – Paso Canoas

Crossing the border from Costa Rica to Panama at Paso Canoas is fairly simple.  Unfortunately, however, Panama was the first country where we found it necessary to bribe officials.  We had to give two bribes within the first hour of entering Panama, which totaled in $45 USD.  I attribute this to bad luck and bad [...]

Playa Naranja, Santa Rosa National Park :: Costa Rica

After a long day of driving and a border crossing from Nicaragua into Costa Rica, we anxiously hopped out of the car at Santa Rosa National Park and walked onto Playa Naranja at sunset.  Vibrant oranges, reds, and purples streaked across the sky, reflecting into the waves crashing on the white beach.  In the distance, [...]

10 Travel Gear Recommendations: Camping, Trekking, and Road-tripping

Packing for a year-long journey is no easy task.  The thoughtful traveler strives to have that perfect balance between bringing all of one’s necessities, without being overburdened by bags full of gear.  I made a list of 10 items that are extremely useful, yet sometimes overlooked while planning to pack for an adventure:
GPS Unit
Our GPS [...]

Buena Vista Surf Club :: Playa Maderas, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Over four years ago, Marielle Mulder and Marc Krop, a couple from Holland, embarked on an ambitious plan to open Buena Vista Surf Club, a eco-lodge nestled in the tropical forests of Playa Maderas.  Their initial trip, to travel through Central and South America in search of a coastal location in which to sink their [...]

Nicawaves House Rental :: Popoyo, Nicaragua

Driving down southwestern Nicaragua, dirt roads lead you to the coastal town of Popoyo.  Whizzing by Nicaraguans clad in rash guards and board shorts, signs pepper the road directing you to hostels, hotels, and restaurants located on the main strip.
If you are looking for a place to crash that shies away from it’s overpriced and [...]

Traveling Nicaragua :: Our Rambling Route

Nicaragua is a stunning country that offers lush, green lanscapes, rolling hills, and quiet beaches.  Since Nicaragua is not as developed as it’s neighbor, Costa Rica, driving offers a wonderful way to experience it’s many rural towns.  While making this video, I realized just how much beautiful footage Nicaragua offered.  Enjoy!

Anti-Malaria Drug Options

by Nick H-J
Traveling in Central and South America can put you at risk for contracting malaria. Places where malaria is endemic change with seasons, population and other factors. In general, high altitude areas are safer, and lower altitude, rural places with tropical climates and lots of mosquitoes are higher risk. Buying anti-malarial drugs in the [...]

Rambling in Nicaragua :: Our Route

San Ramón is a small town in the mountains of northern Nicaragua that, although it has made efforts to attract tourists, has little to offer in terms of restaurants, hostels, and activities.   The majority of the town consists of the town square and a few businesses established on nearby roads.  Tours of the town [...]

Finca Esperanza Verde Edo-lodge Video

Below is a video about Finca Esperanza Verde Eco-lodge located outside of San Ramón, Nicaragua:

Finca Esperanza Verde Eco-lodge :: outside of San Ramón, Nicaragua

After a long day of driving, we arrived at Finca Esperanza Verde after the sun set.  The dirt road leading to the farm from San Ramón was rocky and slow moving, so our arrival was quickly followed by a good night’s sleep.  Due to our visit during the rainy season, water mightily pounded overhead all [...]