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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Pirate Camping 102 :: A How-To Guide

By Nick H-J
Getting started pirate camping with any regularity can be daunting.  To be honest, it took us several months of regular pirate camping to really get into the swing of it.  Now, however, it is second nature.  We not only enjoy it and are comfortable doing it wherever we go, we recently totaled [...]

Off-Road Cuisine: Cuy

Here’s our best Off-Road Cuisine yet – watch us cook cuy (guinea pig) in Ecuador!

Rambling Ecuador

Since the computer system that distributes SOAT, the vehicle insurance that is required in Ecuador, we were committed to spending the night in Tulcan, Ecuador’s northernmost town.  While there is little to do in Tulcan, we did find the most unique cemetery that I have ever seen.
Cemetario Tulcan holds rows and rows of graves resting [...]

Ramblers Interviewed: Erik and Noah

I want to give a special thanks to Erik and Noah, who created their own interview video for Ramble Writer.To read more about Erik and Noah, visit their websites:
Erik: http://www.everlater.com/erikmyhre/leaving-corporate/
Noah: http://theschumbag.blogspot.com/

Border Crossing: Colombia to Ecuador

Border town: Impiales
The border crossing from Colombia to Ecuador is a piece of cake in comparison to the border crossings of Central America.  The process is straight-forward, clean, and organized, and the mountains surrounding Impiales are spectacular.
When you drive to the border crossing, park in the lot [...]

Ramblers Interviewed: Kacey and Dave

Kacey Dave entered Mexico around the same time that we did, but our first run-in with them was in Cartagena, Colombia.  After Cartagena, we bumped into them in Mancora, Peru and camped with them for a couple nights.
Kacey and Dave are driving to Ushuaia in a Toyota Tacoma that is equipped with a tent [...]

The Ramblers’ Truck is FOR SALE!

NOTE: We are beginning the truck sale process in advance to ensure our vehicle is sold – we are not “canceling” the remains of our trip (we have received some worried emails).  However, if there is a buyer earlier than we planned, we are willing to travel South America without our trusty truck.
The time has [...]

Traveling in Colombia: Our Rambles

Colombia is a breathtaking country, with dramatic mountainous landscapes, colorful coastal towns, and savory food.  It encompasses a variety of ecosystems, cultural regions, and regional flavor.  While Colombia carries a bad reputation due to governmental instability and drug trade, it is a perfectly safe country to ramble if you stay aware of your surroundings and [...]

Oaxaca Documentary Film Workshop Opportunity

If you are interested in an opportunity to not only explore Oaxacan culture, but to introduce yourself to the art of documentary film making, I recommend signing up for the Oaxaca Documentary Film Workshop hosted by Norma Hawthorne.  Oaxaca, Mexico is a state filled with traditional culture told through the work of talented artisans and [...]

Independence Week in Cartagena, Colombia: The Video

You have read about Independence Week in Cartagena, Colombia, now watch the video!