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A Day of Activities in Greensboro, North Carolina

G R E E N S B O R O ,   N O R T H   C A R O L I N A
Since I grew up in Greensboro, I almost overlooked it’s rambling potential for newcomers to the city.  Greensboro’s restaurants and nightlife have multiplied since I lived here.  I created a day’s worth of activities for those interested in spending time in Greensboro:


GREEN BEAN | 341 S. Elm Street
Get your day started with a shot of espresso or a cup of coffee at the Green Bean.  The Green Bean serves Joe Van Gogh coffee (the best coffee in the area – and its roasted in NC!), as well as pastries and bagels, and offers free wi-fi.  If you don’t make it to the Green Bean in the morning, you can stop by in the evening – they serve beer and have live music during the week.

SIMPLE KNEADS | 227 S. Elm Street
If you didn’t have a chance to eat at the Green Bean, walk down Elm Street and pick up fresh baked goods at Simple Kneads.

GUILFORD COLLEGE | 5800 W. Friendly Avenue
If it is nice outside, drive over to Guilford College to enjoy the campus.  Guilford has trails and fields where are great to hang out, throw a ball around, or just to explore.

While you are on Friendly Avenue, you can drive up to the Piedmont Triad Farmer’s Market.  If you take I-40 to this farmer’s market, you can see it’s blue rooftops from the interstate.  The Piedmont Triad Farmer’s Market has fresh produce and flowers year-round, including A.B. Seed, the garden center located in the center of the market.  Come out and support your local gardeners and farmers!

TAQUERIA EL AZTECA | 5605 W. Friendly Avenue - In Quaker Village
While driving back from the Farmer’s Market, you can consider a few lunch options.  If it is Tuesday, go to Azteca Grill for $1.00 tacos.  Awesome tacos at a great price – don’t pass it up.  Azteca Grill also has free wi-fi.

Not in the mood for tacos?  Head to Southern Lights Bistro.  Southern Lights serves great sandwiches and always has new specials on the menu.  They have wonderful desserts, too!

YUM YUM BETTER ICE CREAM | 1219 Spring Garden Street
This is a Greensboro favorite.  Its not just better ice cream; Yum Yum’s serves better hot dogs as well.  To ensure you have an authentic Yum Yum’s hot dog, look for the bright pink center of the dog.  I recommend the chili dog along with chocolate chip ice cream for dessert.

If you are at Yum Yum’s, walk over to Tate Street and check out the shops.  You can also view the art exhibits at the Weatherspoon Art Museum.

FAMILY DOLLAR STORE | 2318 E Market Street
I know this is a weird stop in this tour, but this is a great Dollar Store.  I have so many plates, mugs, and bowls from this store in my kitchen!

Apparently Greensboro is now on the map – Friendly Center has exploded!  Friendly Center now features the trendiest of the trendy; Anthropologie, a new Apple store, REI (which I now know like the back of my hand), and many other shops and boutiques now grace the streets of Greensboro.

TASTE OF THAI | 1500 Mill St # 101
Taste of Thai is one of my favorite restaurants in Greensboro.  This should be enough said.  Order the fresh shrimp spring rolls as an appetizer (loaded with fresh basil, glass noodles, celery, lettuce, and shrimp) and sip on a Thai iced tea while you wait for the main course.  You will not be disappointed!  My parents have recently switched to Rearn Thai at 5120 W. Market Street.  I have not eaten at Rearn Thai, but they like it even more than Taste of Thai.  I trust their opinion, but the choice is up to you!

LIBERTY OAK | 100 W Washington St # D
If the taste of Thai doesn’t make your mouth water, go to Liberty Oak in downtown Greensboro.  Featuring a constantly changing menu, Liberty Oak offers ingredients that uniquely compliment each other within each meal.  This is the priciest restaurant on my list, but the dishes are definitely worth the extra few dollars.

106 W. McGee Street, 110 W.McGee Street
Now its time to have a few drinks!  Head over to Elm street and bar hop through The Burro, Longshanks, and M’Coul’s.  They are all very close together (The Burro is literally located on top of Longshanks), and all have a laid back atmosphere.  McCool’s, an irish pub, features a variety of European beers on tap and 2 stories of bar space.

JAN’S HOUSE | 3932 W Market St # B
If you are not ready for the night to end after the bar crawl, head on over to Jan’s House.  This 24-hour diner will serve you a greasy breakfast meal that is a perfect after-drinking dining.

I hope you enjoy my picks for Greensboro.  If you are familiar with Greensboro and would like to comment / suggest other must-sees to our ramble readers, feel free to comment on this post!

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