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Mountain City, Tennessee

Well we finally crossed the North Carolina border (and some of you thought we wouldn’t make it!).  Mountain City, Tennessee is our first stop outside of NC, which is about 20 minutes beyond the border.  We’re taking our time.

During the first hour of our arrival, we met up with Julie, the owner of Mountain City Alternative Health, an acupuncture and wellness clinic in Mountain City.  Julie hosts a radio show every week (on WMCT, the highest ranked radio station in Johnson county!), discussing the benefits of alternative medicine and acupuncture.  Nick went to acupuncture school with Julie, and since we stayed with Julie Monday night, Nick was invited to discuss acupuncture on the radio show.  As you can see in the pictures, Domino is not that interested in acupuncture.

After the radio show, we headed over to Watauga Lake with Jason.  On the way to the lake, we stopped at Monsoon Thai and Exotic Foods, a surprising gem in the outskirts of Mountain City.  The as you can see in the pictures, the restaurant consists of literally a storage space with a kitchen and dining area inside.  The owner, a friendly Thai woman, started laughing when I pulled up to the drive-thru in the truck.

“Only little girls are driving the big trucks today,” she said.  “So many trucks have come today!  It must be the nice weather.”

The weather was perfect.  We took our spring rolls from Monsoon and a six pack of beer to Watauga Lake to chill out at a picnic table.  Watauga Lake is the one of the cleanest lakes in the United States, in fact; it ranks third in the nation.

Mountain City is a lovely little town where it seems that everyone is willing to greet you with a smile and a bit of conversation.  I am now in Abingdon, Virginia, about an hour away from Mountain City, at a cute coffee shop / bookstore called Zazzy’z.  We will spend the night here, and then head to Charlottesville, Virginia in the morning.
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Monsoon Thai and Exotic Foods :: 10630 Highway 67 West, Mountain City, TN  | 423-768-3327

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