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Non-Campsite Camping :: Texas

Picking a campsite just off the highway can be hit or miss.  On our way toward Austin, Texas from New Orleans, Louisiana, we decided to break up the drive near the border.  I found a town called Beaumont, Texas that had a cute website touting it’s fun downtown and restaurants.  It was going to be a perfect place to stay for the night.

Boy was I wrong.  Beaumont barely had a downtown, and, although it seemed to have new sidewalks and lampposts, it was completely devoid of people.  We saw about 5 people total downtown, and the other people we did see where living in shacks not far from the town’s center.  We had to find another place to camp.

So we drove out of Beaumont in search for a secluded area that would:
- give us privacy to cook on the tailgate of the truck
- not get us shot by an angry Texan landowner
- have a bit of natural life (woods, grass, anything) to make our evening pleasant.

We found an ok spot.  Here it is:

We will be doing a lot more just-off-the-road camping in New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and Montana in the U.S., and even more south of the border.

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One Comment

  1. Oh god! THIS is what i imagined. Sell that truck and get back to brooklyn!

    1. Boo Shankly on April 19th, 2009 at 5:22 pm

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