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Padre’s Marfa :: Marfa, Texas

Marfa, originally uploaded by Ramble Writer.

After it’s grand opening last month, Padre’s has become one of the most popular bars in Marfa. I will, however, disclose that it is one of two bars in town (Jett’s Grill, in the El Paisano hotel, is the other bar). Padre’s is now the hot spot in town, offering drinks, food, shuffleboard, old arcade games, a music venue, and outdoor seating.

After finding our campsite during the first hours of our arrival, we headed to Padre’s for happy hour. After only one hour at Padre’s, we saw everyone we had met in town earlier. I recommend heading to Padre’s during Happy Hour, ordering a $1.75 Lone Star and picking out some tunes on the jukebox. If you are up for a great margarita, ask Ivan to make a “special” one for you. One of her secrets can be told: instead of sour mix, she has fresh-squeezed lime juice to tantalize your taste buds.

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