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Blue Pool Wash :: Outside of Page, Arizona

After seeing the Grand Canyon, we took advantage of the many camping sites in the National Forests of Arizona.  A large portion of the area between our route from Page to Durango is a Navajo reservation, and we came upon the Navajo Tribal Parks Office.

When we drove up to the entry, we soon learned that the Navajo canyon experience was a bit over our budget.  “A permit to see Antelope Canyon will be $25 per person,” the woman at the office said.  The permit actually purchases a mini tour – you must be driven into the canyon by an official guide.  We saw the jeeps full of tourists and decided to skip the tour. “You can go to Bool Pool Wash,” the woman said, “which is only $5 per person.”  Great price.  We decided to choose Blue Pool Wash.

As we drove up to the canyon, we saw just a few parking spaces and a small fence at the entry point.  Upon getting out and passing through the fence, we soon learned that there was not actually a trail to get down, but it was easy to find a path that we could climb.  Since this area was out of the tourist spotlight, Domino could join our hike without the hassle of rangers or authorities.

I now know that Domino is a great climber!  He can descend rocky areas much faster than Nick and I, and can easily climb slippery slopes and jagged terrain.  The hike was hot, but beautiful, and we had the canyon to ourselves.  We did run into one other person, who is, ironically, from North Carolina.

Once we reached the bottom of the canyon, the hike became a bit harder as we walked on sand, but it was a fairly easy route.  The rock that surrounded us was the beautiful red that is characteristic of the Arizona landscape, and low lying, bright green vegetation beautifully contrasted the rocky walls.  Lizards frequently zipped across our path, ducking out of Domino’s grasp with every pounce he attempted.

Here’s a little lizard hunting to give you a chance to view the canyon:

I recommend arriving at Blue Pool Wash in the morning to beat the afternoon sun.  It is a beautiful hike, and the end of the trail is a peaceful area to rest, especially since the only folks to share the canyon with are the lizards.

For more information about the area, visit http://www.americansouthwest.net/slot_canyons/page/.

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