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The ExOfficio Challenge

Can odorless underwear really stand up to the test, or is it just a bunch of marketing hoopla?

Nick bought ExOfficio boxers before we began the trip, and I wasn’t too sure if this was a great idea, or the worst idea ever thought.  Your boxers may not smell after camping for 2 weeks, but that doesn’t exclude you from being dirty.  Gabe, our friend in Boulder, Colorado, has a few pairs of ExOfficio boxers.  Since Gabe worked at the REI in Boulder for quite some time, we have deemed him to be fairly knowledgeable about camping and travel gear.  Gabe has agreed to take the ExOfficio Challenge!

P.S. :: I apologize for the bad lighting in this video.

Here is the blurb I posted earlier in the year:

Exofficio Underwear
odor resistant | lightweight
| breathable | wicking | quick drying
Nick decided to get odor-resistant underwear… this could be dangerous.  Many people, including myself, have already warned him that “just because you don’t smell doesn’t mean you aren’t dirty.”  We’ll see how this goes.  If this is a product that can mask his odor, I tip my hat to the folks at Exofficio.
The packaging claims it will dry within 2-4 hours, which can be a lifesaver at times.
Price: $25.00
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