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Featured Travel Gear :: Sirius Satellite Radio

Since our time in the car has already equaled to hundreds of hours, I can safely say that satellite radio is one of our best pieces of equipment.  I never considered buying satellite radio until we began preparing for the trip.  I always assumed that is was expensive, so I never investigated it.

Our system costs about $60, and the monthly fee is only $12.99.  This small amount of money is definitely worth the hours of entertainment we have received.  No matter where we are, Nick and I can get our NPR fix for hours at a time, switch to the alternative station when we are ready for music, and I can even slip in some country (when Nick isn’t paying attention).  From stand up comedy to bluegrass, satellite radio offers a wide array of options for any road-bound rambler.

For more information, visit www.sirius.com.

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