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Yellowstone National Park :: Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho

Yellowstone National Park is a familiar name to most Americans, but unfortunately many people do not realize how beautiful it actually is.  In fact, it is the first National Park to be established in the United States.  Yellowstone is my favorite natural area I have seen during my travels.  Every landscape is picturesque, with crystal clear waters, bright blue skies, vibrant burnt-orange brush, and evergreen trees.  We have seen gorgeous landscapes from the east coast to the west coast, but Wyoming, Montana, and northern Idaho exhibit literally breathtaking views.

We arrived at Yellowstone at a perfect time of the year – the spring is bringing in warm weather, and the snow melt is streaming down the rivers.  The wildlife is up and about, especially the bison.  Bison are beautiful!  They are huge, snorting and panting as they walk by.  Nights are still cold in the spring, but it’s nothing a pair of silk underwear can’t handle.

Any level of camping is available in and around Yellowstone.  If you would rather camp in the park close to others, there are plenty of options and areas to do so.  Those who wish to camp in more secluded areas can venture into outskirts of the park.  Nick and I opted for the secluded option but must have visited a little too early in the year since the forests were still closed.  We found an area on the west side to camp, which costs around $12 a night.

For more information about Yellowstone National Park, visit www.nps.gov/yell/.

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3 Comments so far (Add 1 more)

  1. I have really enjoyed seeing your Brooklyn video and reading of your travels elsewhere, as well as of your “techniques” (read piracy of various sorts here). Too, having just returned from a self-planned, two-week trip to Spain and a bit in Morocco, I admire your ability to find the time to share your trip with others, as all I have are photos that, sometime, may see the light of day. I hope that you will continue to enjoy each other and your trip. John

    1. john on June 12th, 2009 at 4:47 pm
  2. Thanks Carl! You are so right.

    And yes, the Grand Tetons are absolutely beautiful, as you can see!

    2. admin on May 29th, 2009 at 1:18 pm
  3. Yellowstone is an amazing place.

    BUT the picture that accompanies this post is actually of Grand Teton National Park, which is south of Yellowstone.

    Grand Teton National Park has the beautiful jagged mountains seen in the background of that photo. It is also a beautiful place.

    2 of the most beautiful National Parks in the United States.

    3. Carl Hancock on May 29th, 2009 at 12:37 pm

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