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Ramblers Interviewed: Lucus & Louise from Australia

While we were fueling up at a random gas station in Oregon, Nick overheard Louise speaking to the station attendant.  “So what part of Queensland are you from?” he asked with a grin.  Surprised, she looked at him and asked how he knew she was an Aussie.

Nick lived in Australia for a couple years, and, fortunately for us, struck up a conversation with two Australians who just happened to be driving their RV to Panama.  Since we had no idea where we wanted to camp that night, and the couple, Lucus and Louise, were going to Bend, Oregon, so we decided to meet up in Bend and camp together.

It was great spending time with them, and they were nice enough to give me an interview.  Their RV, which is a 1984 Chevrolet 350, was bought for $5,500.  They provide a lot of good advice about road rambling, so I hope this helps any of you who are thinking of purchasing such a vehicle!

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