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Goldbug Springs, Idaho

Right outside of Salmon, Idaho, is a trail that leads to a beautiful group of hot springs called Goldbug Springs.  The area, which had a raging river due to the season’s snow melt, rests on top of a field of grassy rolling hills and rocky slopes.  We arrived early in the morning to start our hike before it became too hot.  The hike took about an hour, and the hot springs are definitely worth the trek.

We were fortunate enough to meet some folks in Bozeman, Montana who had suggested this spot to us – who knew that northern Idaho is so beautiful?!  I’ve lived in the United States my whole life, and I have never heard any mention of Idaho as a wonderful place to visit. As we drove through northern Idaho the day before, it literally looked as if we could be in another country.  The terrain was so colorful and hilly, and the skies were crystal clear.  However, for full disclosure, we had many warnings that southern Idaho is worth skipping.

We took a short video for you to have a chance to see the springs in action:

DIRECTIONS TO GOLDBUG SPRINGS: Take Highway 93 south of Salmon, 23 miles to mile marker 282. Then left (east) up a short gravel road to the parking area and trailhead. Cross the footbridge and that’s the beginning of a 2 or 2 1/2 mile hike to the springs which are up a canyon.

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