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Rambling Tips :: Theft Prevention and Safety

After traveling on the road for over four months, there are a few choice tips I have found in regard to theft protection.  They are as follows:

F I S H   E Y E   M I R R O R :
A fish eye mirror on the corner of each side-view mirror has increased our vision drastically.  This is useful not only for the driver, but also the passenger to view approaching people and cars.

T I N T E D   W I N D O W S :
The morning we left for Mexico, we tinted our windows.  I am glad we decided to spend the extra money.  $80 gives us not only a bit more privacy from peering eyes, but also shade from the sun.

M E T A L   C A G E :
The metal cage that Nick welded to the truck gives us the benefit of an open-air truck, but security against break-ins.

W E L D E D   S C R E W S
Nick welded the major parts our gear to the truck (for example, the screws that bolt the wench are welded to the truck).  This prevents any parts to be stolen due to a few loosened screws.

In addition to our door locks, Nick installed extra locking mechanisms to ensure our truck parts or top rack gear do not “wander off.”

H O C K E Y   P E L L E T S :

When these locks are latched to the truck, opening the doors and bumper are nearly impossible. You can often see these locks on workmen’s vans, such as a plumber, or electrician.  Since they are a bit troublesome to unlock and remove frequently, we do not use these locks on a daily basis.  We plan to use the hockey pellets when leaving the truck for long periods of time or while parked in high-risk areas.

C A B L E S :
Nick bought steel rope and fasteners, which he hammered around the rope to create a loop.  The loops then wrap around a padlock.  He placed one on our front hood, which prevents engine parts from being stolen, as well as cables that lock our gas cans, water, and surfboards on the roof rack.

While camping…

K E Y S   I N   T H E   I G N I T I O N :
We always keep a set of keys in the ignition at night while we are sleeping, and keep the driver’s seat empty of bags and clothes.  If anything were to happen and we needed to leave promptly, we would be able to drive away immediately.

A   P I T   B U L L :
Domino sleeps on the passenger seat every night while we sleep on the sleeping deck.  Its a win-win situation: Domino likes to curl up on the seat, and we get the protection of a pit bull in our front seat.

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