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Ramblers Interviewed :: Jimmy and Rachel

From left to right: Jennifer & Nate (ramblers from Aspen), Rachel, Nick, and Jimmy

While rambling in the U.S., I received an email from Jimmy and Rachel inviting us to visit and discuss our travels.  Since they completed their drive from California to Panama last year, I was eager to ask them questions about our final preparations and their experience of the trip.  Once we reached San Diego, I gave Jimmy a call and we all met up for a beer, accompanied by Jennifer and Nate, our new rambling buddies we met in Aspen, since they were in the San Diego area as well.

I am so grateful that Jimmy and Rachel took the time to contact me.  We all had a great time, and they had ample information for Mexican and Central American travel.

Jimmy: 25 years old   Rachel: 26 years old
Where do you currently live?

We currently live in Santanas Hell, Mission beach, California.

Where did you start your trip, and where did you end it?
We drove from San Diego, Ca to Panama City, Panama.
What date did you begin, and what date did you come back home?
We left on April 6th 2008 and came back August 14th 2008.
What vehicle were you driving?
We drove a 1991 Toyota 4runner, nick named Panama-red.
What modifications did you make to the vehicle for the trip?
The truck had a lift and 33″ bf goodrich tires. Other than that it was pretty much stock.

What gear did you find unexpectedly useful for your journey?
A full sized machette, Coleman thermos, air mattress, and a come along winch.
What are 1 or 2 “must see” locations in Mexico or Central America?
Rio Nexpa in Mexico, Popoyo in Nicaragua, Utila off Honduras, Finca Paraiso in Guatemala, and Pavones in Costa Rica.
What prompted this trip?
The ever consuming need to see more of the world prompted this trip.
Any other useful advice for our ramble readers?
Try not to judge other people and cultures. Keep in mind when traveling that “Normal” is completely relative, and what seems normal to you is weird to someone else, and what seems weird to you is totally normal to another person.
You are currently writing a book together – what is it about?
Rachel and I are writing a book right now that aims to help other couples travel together.

What are your future rambles going to take you?
We have a lot of plans for future trips, but the next one is going to be a car trip around the coast of South America starting next year.

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