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The Ramble Writer Forum: A new way to ask specific questions, share experiences, and connect with other ramblers

Our forum, the latest development at RambleWriter.com, allows you to communicate with the Ramble Writer Team and other ramblers in real time.  Have a question about the vehicle you want to bring?  Want to share a pirate camping site in Belize?  Post it all on the forum to receive and share travel tips and savvy advice.

See it for yourself – click HERE to check out the forum, and be one of the first to comment in this growing community.

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Each week we receive multiple emails from new ramblers with questions and comments about the site.  Future messages can now be sent to the forum, which will provide other readers with a wealth of information based on your questions and comments.  Below is a recent email from an appreciative rambler:

Rochelle and Nick,

I came across the website when I was researching a possible drive to Mexico this winter with my partner. I am thinking of buying a camper for my truck (Mazda B4000) and driving around for six months or so. We are currently in Kamloops BC in Canada and hope to leave by October. Your sight has inspired me to keep the “dream” alive and to keep pursuing the trip.

I just wanted to thank you for the inspiration and to let you know that I am looking forward to following your travels in the months to come! Have fun!!

Gerry and Derek

These comments make our job worthwhile – thank you to Gerry for the kind note, and we hope your future experiences are discussed on the forum!

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