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Finca los Nietos :: San Lorenzo El Cubo, Guatemala

If you are looking to venture out of Antigua for the day, Finca los Nietos, a coffee farm located just 4 miles outside of the city.  Stretching over only 1.5 acres, Finca los Nietos produces 800 pounds of organic coffee a year, all of which is sold to local cafes and restaurants.

The land resembles more of an enclosed forest and garden than a farm – trails run through the coffee bushes, which are interspersed with guava trees, cacti, tropical fruits, and flowering plants.  In order to protect the coffee bushes as well as their surrounding environment, Finca los Nietos uses natural methods for bug extermination and control: plastic bottles with rubbing alcohol and soapy water are hung throughout the farm, and worm tea (the liquid drainage resulting from vermaculture) is used a fumigation.  It is tough on pests, but safe for the birds and plants.

Once the coffee beans are harvested, they are depulped, fermented, and laid out on multiple roofs for 20 days to dry.  When dry, the beans are shelled and roasted in two roasts: regular roast and dark roast (espresso).  All of these processes are implemented within the confines of Finca los Nietos.

Tours on the farm are offered Monday through Friday, and cost 50 quetzales per person.  At the end of the tour, guests are invited to sample the coffee and to, of course, buy the final product.  While tasting the regular roast, Nick and I were surprised at it’s pleasant flavor.  Obtaining a smooth and satisfying cup is a feat that such small roasters rarely accomplish.  However, the burnt flavor of the espresso roast leaves Finca los Nietos room to improve.  I recommend sipping their regular roast with a bag of their chocolate covered espresso beans or chocolate covered pretzels – it is the perfect compliment for your tastebuds!

Finca los Nietos is a tasty and affordable opportunity to learn about the long life of the coffee bean and the steps it must endure to reach your cup.

To learn more about Finca los Nietos, visit www.fincalosnietos.com.

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