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Border Crossing :: Honduras to Nicaragua

Las Manos and El Paraiso

When you enter Las Manos, drive past the series of trucks lines up on either side of the road.  Go to the Aduana office, an orange building on your left, and provide your Temporary Vehicle Importation Permit and the passport of the person who checked the vehicle in.  The customs official will then check your vehicle VIN number as well as your license plate.

Once you have completed aduana’s documentation, proceed to the Migracion office, a red building on the right.  Your passports will be stamped here and you will be required to pay $3 USD.

Go to the Migracion office past the Duty Free area to fill out a form.  When you turn in the form, you will be required to pay $7 USD per person, and will receive two small tickets.  These are your official bank receipts.
TIP: Whenever asked to check “Tourist” or “In Transit,” check “In Transit,” which will save you from having to provide an address for your destination country.

Get your passport stamped at migracion, which is right beside the Honduran migracion.

At the Nicaraguan aduana office, turn in your vehicle title and purchase vehicle insurance (seguro).  An official will check your car, and give you a vehicle certificate.  This certificate is then to be processed by another official, who will also charge you $12 USD.

As you drive out, a police officer will double check your license, title, and bank receipts.  The entire process took us an hour and 15 minutes.

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