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Buena Vista Surf Club :: Playa Maderas, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Over four years ago, Marielle Mulder and Marc Krop, a couple from Holland, embarked on an ambitious plan to open Buena Vista Surf Club, a eco-lodge nestled in the tropical forests of Playa Maderas.  Their initial trip, to travel through Central and South America in search of a coastal location in which to sink their heels, was brought to a halt upon their visit to San Juan del Sur.  Within three weeks of arriving at this southern Nicaraguan town, Mulder and Krop bought land and began to build the lodge.

When you walk into Buena Vista Surf Club, the couple’s attention to the finer details of hospitality immediately becomes apparent.  The main house, supporting a palm-thatched roof that towers above the tree tops that envelope the lodge, grants a clear view of Playa Maderas, sans the chaos and clamor of the surfers and campers.  A hardwood floor stretches out of the house, giving guests a open air space to sunbathe or unwind.  A curving white wall holds dark hardwood countertops at the bar, and pillows, couches and tables invite visitors to relax and lounge.

“Everything is built in such a way that we could make use of the land,” said Krop.  “Instead of preparing the land for a building site, we make use of the existing land.”  The compound is independent, utilizing its own water, local materials, and solar panels, yet the cabins, although simple, express a sophistication that is only achieved with meticulous execution and good taste.  Each structural aspect of the rooms are precisely built, exhibiting luxurious dark woods, broad windows, and thatched palm roofs.

Many Central American accommodations look lovely online, but in reality lack the polished look and cleanliness represented in pictures.  Buena Vista Surf Club is picturesque, providing visitors with not only a peaceful retreat within a beach town that holds an active nightlife, but also with the assistance of Mulder and Krop, hosts who are willing to extend above and beyond for their guests.


Buena Vista Surf Club consists of three cabins, a room in the main house, and one house rental.  www.buenavistasurfclub.com

Cabins: $90 a night
Includes breakfast, which usually consists of fruits, yogurt, french toast, toast, scrambled eggs, and jellies

House Rental: $200 a night

Dinners: $17.50
Homemade meals are served family-style, giving guests an opportunity to meet other guests.  All meals are cooked with as many local products as possible.

Activities available upon request:

– Yoga instruction on the main house deck ($10 USD pp with a $40 USD minimum)
– Massage Therapist visit ($50 USD for an hour)
– Manicure and Pedicure at the lodge or to be reserved at a spa in town
– Surfboard rental ($15 USD per day)
– Surf lessons ($30 USD pp per hour, including board for the day)
– Surf trips to other beaches: Half day or day trips by car (starting at $60 USD) or by boat (starting at $170 USD, 4-5hrs, incl. snacks & beverages).

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