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Paradise Gardens Animal Rescue :: Boquete, Panama

Boquete, a mountain town in northern Panama, is a quiet, quaint community that has become the home of many American and European retirees.  Most of the town consists of the main street, which is lined with small restaurants, cafes, and stores.

If you like animals, visit Paradise Gardens Animal Rescue to learn about Panama’s wildlife and the efforts being made to preserve it.  In 2005, Paul and Jenny Saban founded this rescue and rehabilitation facility that is now licensed by Panama’s National Environmental Agency.  Paradise Gardens is not a zoo, and, in order to deter animal theft, the center does not purchase animals for the purpose of public display.  Many Panamanian animals are taken from the wild and sold on black markets, whether to keep these animals as pets or for other reasons.

Thanks to volunteer tour guides, visitor donations, and the work of the Sabans, Paradise Gardens has been a home-away-from-home for many captured and injured animals.  Most of these fortunate creatures are put back into the wild after rehabilitation, but few live at Paradise Gardens as a permanent home due to lack of experience in the wild during their early years.  The aid that Paradise Gardens has offered these animals, as well as bringing an awareness to the local community, are certainly impressive.

Check out this short video about Paradise Gardens below:

To learn more about Paradise Gardens, visit www.paradisegardensboquete.com/.

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